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Donation to La Teletón

Sunday, March 7, 2010

As promised, here is the receipt from the donation we made yesterday to La Teletón:

$151,650 Chilean pesos is approximately $303.30 US dollars!!! So awesome!!! Thanks for the support everyone. This includes the funds raised from the picture sales from March 3rd to March 5th.

The fundraiser will keep going until March 17th. Our goal is to raise a total of at least $500 dollars, if not more. The rest of the donations will go to Red Cross Chile and Un Techo Para Chile.

In other news, La Teletón was EXTREMELY successful this year. The program, which lasted 24 hours, was hosted by Don Francisco (of the "Sábado Gigante" show), had a goal of raising $15,000,000,000 Chilean pesos (approx. US $30 million dollars). The actual amount raised was DOUBLE that number......yes, all of Chile, famous people from all over the world (Evo Morales from Bolivia, Juanes, etc.) plus those of you who participated through other programs to donate helped Chile raise $60 million dollars in relief aid!!!!!

Bottom line.....keep up the help!!!! Even the smallest purchase helps in a big way :)

Help Out Chile....and get something for yourself!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

We are still doing fine after the 8.8 grade earthquake that struck Chile on February 27th at approx. 3:30am. There have been over 170 aftershocks, most small but some quite strong. Thankfully our family and friends are all ok, even though our nerves continue to be tested with the aftershocks. We consider ourselves to be VERY lucky in that we still have an apartment to live in, food to eat and water to drink. Many people further south and on coastal cities lost everything. They were barely able to leave their houses and head for higher ground before the tsunami came and washed everything away. Watching the news and talking to people has been devastating. You see these kinds of thinks on TV, such as the earthquake & tsunami of 2004 or that of Haiti in January, and it seems so surreal. Then it happens to you or someone close to you, and while on some level it is still surreal, the truth is that it shakes you to your core. I cannot believe the state of crisis that exists in Concepción and the other towns. It blows my mind to see the pictures and hear of people displaced from their homes, not to mention then being robbed by theives who are taking advantage of the situation.

Christian and I have been trying to help out in any way we can, despite the fact we still have to work this week. Yesterday we took bags of clothes, personal hygene products and food to a donation site in Vitacura. It was amazing to see what everyone has donated. We are also donating money through my company, which is matching donations, and the money will go directly to the workers of our power plants down south who have lost everything. However, we just don't feel that is enough. So we had another idea....one in which you can all participate to not only help out Chile, but to also get something pretty darn cool out of it yourselves.

We have decided to sell prints of some of Christian's photography. Pictures of Argentina, Chile, Colorado, the aftermath of the earthquake here, Dachshund puppies, and more. All profits made from the sales will be donated to the earthquake relief efforts. Whatever is sold between now and this Friday, March 5th will be donated to El Teletón (The Telethon, which is a huge fundraising campaign that is performed annually in Chile for the disabled, however the organization has decided to put on a special telethon just for the earquake and it will be Friday starting at 10pm). The rest of the profits made between March 5th and March 17th will be donated to the Red Cross Chile and to Un Techo Para Chile ("A Roof for Chile"). These organizations are crucial to rebuilding Chile and we know they money will be put to good use.

How does it work? It is simple:
  • Visit the website: http://christianbphotography.printroom.com
  • View the different galleries available and pick your favorite pictures. You can choose from a variety of print sizes.
  • When you view your Shopping Cart before checking out, make sure the images look ok in the little icon. You can crop and adjust the images to make sure the whole image is included in the print size you want. You can add borders, etc. as well. Please do not forget to review this before checking out. We cannot be responsible for images that get cut off due to the print size ordered but not adjusted properly.
  • Click Checkout and follow the instructions regarding shipping, payment, etc. Payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard and AmericanExpress.
  • Done! Now you too have aided in rebuilding Chile and scored yourself some awesome pictures!

We will be posting the total of funds gathered to donate as well as the receipts of donations after the two week period ends here on the blog.

Please take the opportunity to pass on this information to anyone you know so that we have the chance of donating as much money as possible. This was the 7th largest earthquake in recorded history and it is going to take a lot of help to get Chile back to where it needs to be.

We really appreciate you taking your time and helping us out! Any questions that you may have, feel free to send us an email at christianbphotography[at]gmail[dot]com.

Punto Ayuda en Vitacura - Chile Earthquake

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Es muy fácil ayudar, nosotros ya fuimos a dejar ropa y alimentos al Punto Ayuda en Vitacura!

Aquí Punto Ayuda - Chile Terremoto 2010
Get here a large view!

Acá dejo la información oficial que se encuentra en la página del la Municipalidad de Vitacura:


Lugar: Al costado del Centro Cívico Vitacura.

Fecha: AHORA-.

Entrada: Se necesita con urgencia alimentos no perecibles, artículos de aseo, pañales, leche.

PUNTOAYUDA al costado del Centro Cívico de Vitacura (Av. Bicentenario 3800) para las víctimas del terremoto. Se necesita con URGENCIA:


* Informaciones: 240 2590 - 240 2203 - 800 215300 - 09 8742732 voluntarios@vitajoven.cl o AQUÍ

También SE NECESITAN VOLUNTARIOS, favor contactarse a los fonos o mail de informaciones.


Chile after the 8.8 grade earthquake

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chile es un país de desastres naturales, eso mismo nos ha hecho fuertes, pero en toda mi vida he visto tanta lentitud y falta de comunicación en un periodo de emergencia.

La desesperación de la gente por la falta de alimentos los ha llevado al saqueo de almacenes y supermercados, quizás eso lo pueda entender... pero lo que no entiendo es la gente que esta robando a otras personas que están en problemas, no puede ser que exista gente en camionetas que están saqueando las casa abandonas, creoq ue el gobierno debe tener mano dura y tomar el control de la situación.

En Rancagua mi familia ha perdido 4 departamentos ya que los edificios deben ser demolidos, no se cayeron con el terremoto pero los cimientos han quedado en mal estado y ya han desalojado a toda la gente... En uno de esos departamento pase el terremoto de 1985, pero nada se compara con lo vivido el 27 de febrero de 2010. Gracias a Dios estaba con mis padres durante el terremoto. En Viña del Mar y a 5 cuadras del mar no teníamos más alternativa que salir a lugares con mayor altura, por suerte nada grave paso, la perdidas materiales son recuperables, doy gracias que mi familia y amigos están bien.... esperando que no sigan las replicas y que el país se recupere pronto les dejo una imagen de la Iglesia de de Providencia:

Church after the 8.8 grade earthquake - Chile
Get here a large view!

On Feb 27, 2010 the 8.8 grade earthquake destroyed the bell of the Divine Church in Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

The church was declared a National Monument in 1989. It is located in Av. Providencia 1619 in Santiago, Chile. It was built in 1881 with a neo-Renaissance style by the Italian architect Eduardo Provasoli.

El 27 de Febrero de 2010 el terremoto de 8.8 grados destruyó el campanario de la Iglesia de la Divina Providencia en Santiago de Chile.

Esta Iglesia fue declarada Monumento Nacional en 1989. Se ubica en Avda. Providencia 1619 en Santiago de Chile, la obra con su estilo neorrenacentista fue constrida en el año 1881 por el arquitecto italiano Eduardo Provasoli.

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