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Ex-prison of Valparaíso

Monday, November 23, 2009

I arrived to Valparaíso in the same years that the prison permanently opened its cells and closed its doors (1999). The Ex-prison is located in the Cerro Cárcel of Valparaíso (Valpo), near to the olds cemeteries of the city.

Today, only to reopen as a public park and art museum, the ex-prision is in very bad condition, you can only visit the exterior, the cells and building are closed. I'm sure that this picture is the last that I can take inside of the principal building.

Ex-prison of Valparaíso
Get here a large view!

The loneliness is the only friend of the rusty metal and of the walls that contain the poetry of the prisioners, the only way to be free in this place...


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